Summer Pudding

summer pudding

British summertime means plenty of opportunities to pick a bounty of British berries. Whether you have them in your own garden, you are able to find them growing wild in the hedgerows, or you go to a local pick-your-own farm, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and redcurrants are just some examples of the wonderful berries you can enjoy. While they are delicious on their own with just a dash of fresh cream, one fancy way to impress everyone is to make a fresh summer pudding.

Although it looks impressive, a summer pudding is very easy to make and requires just a few ingredients. The selection of berries you use will determine the rich bejewelled colour of your finished product. The one shown above has a rich purple hue thanks to blueberries and blackberries. Raspberries and redcurrants will create something much brighter red.

summer pudding

Summer Pudding

Sliced white bread (use brioche or sponge cake if you want something a little different)

1 3/4 lb berries and currants of your choosing

2 tbs sugar

2 tbs water

Cut a circle of bread to line fit the bottom of a 2-pint basin. Cut more bread into strips and use to line the bowl, with the slices overlapping.

Put the fruit, sugar, and water in a pan. Over a gentle heat, warm the fruit until the sugar has dissolved and the fruit softens, with the juices coming out.

Keep 3-4 tbs of the liquid from the fruit in reserve. Put the fruit and the rest of the juices into the bread-lined basin. Use some more bread to cover the fruit. Place a plate over the basin and put in the fridge with a can on top of the plate to act as a weight. Leave the basin overnight in the fridge.

When ready to serve your summer pudding, run a knife around the edge of the pudding. Turn the bowl over and tip the pudding onto a serving plate. Spoon the rest of the juice over.

Serve on its own or with a side of ice cream.



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